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Areas of study and Future Research


Research projects include several areas of study, such as:


- Identification and assessment of landscape resources, focusing on its potentialities and suitability for human activities, and on its natural, cultural and aesthetic dimensions;


- Landscape theory, in order to support landscape architecture proposals focusing the creation of sustainable landscapes, from the regional scale to the human scale, in which the garden, in its creation, perception, meaning and human function, is considered as a starting and crucial point. Search for new qualitative and quantitative methods for landscape architecture research;


- Landscape planning and management aiming a spatial distribution of human activities in the landscape which fosters a sustainable development of land and the management of natural resources, focusing the conservation of existing values namely, natural, cultural and aesthetics;


- Landscape plans and projects for urban, peripheral-urban and rural spaces, as well as structural spaces and areas of natural resources exploitation, that include new interventions and rehabilitation, both in public and private domain;


- Research programs developing an transdisciplinary approach and, therefore, relating different scientific fields pertaining to Landscape Architecture engaged on the development of a wider theoretical framework supporting Landscape Planning and Design, such as: design , landscape ecology, earth and environmental sciences, social sciences, and others.


For future research program priority will be given to the following areas:


- Landscape planning and management strategies for landscapes with significant natural and/or cultural value;


- Plans and design projects for Ecological Networks and Green Infrastructures considering national, regional, municipal and urban scales;


- Studies and projects for urban typologies, within a perspective of environmental sustainability and cultural identity;


- Landscape architecture design projects for public spaces, both in an urban and rural context;


- Projects for historical and heritage sites.


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